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As a company director you can set up a Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP).

Benefits of an SSAP:

  • Control: – An SSAP allows you to control where your pension is invested, and there is a wide range of investments to choose from.
  • Transparency: – You can see exactly what assets are in your pension and what the associated costs are.
  • Borrowing: – You can borrow from your SSAP to purchase an asset.
  • Lower Charges: – An SSAP is usually less costly than a traditional pension scheme.
  • Confidentiality: – Not being part of a group/corporate pension scheme gives you greater confidentially in terms of benefits.
  • Portability: – You can easily move your pension from one company to another without having to liquidate assets. You can transfer the assets to a self-administered Personal Retirement Bond in the event of having to make the scheme paid up without having to liquidate any assets. You can transfer the assets to a post-retirement self-administered Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) without having to liquidate the assets.

Please note that the provision of this product or service does not require licensing, authorisation, or registration with the Central Bank and, as a result, it is not covered by the Central Bank requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory scheme.

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